Los Angeles-based rock band Grave Secrets is gearing up to release their debut album, Till Your Lungs Fall Out…, on October 27th via Wiretap Records.

Ahead of it’s impending release, Grave Secrets have released a handful of songs including the album’s namesake “Mood Ring,” the slow-burner “Bad Blood,” and the pissed-off punk rock anthem, “Fuck Shit Up.”

Today, however, Grave Secrets have unveiled another new single, “Preacher’s Nightmare.” The single finds vocalist/guitarist Vinny Morales unpacking a lot of mixed emotions surrounding spirituality — something he has a unique perspective on himself as a survivor of a religious cult.

The very idea for Grave Secrets was that every song was a skeleton in my closet, a raw confession of something I’m not particularly proud of,” Morales explains. With “Preacher’s Nightmare,” he balances wrath with empathy, as he tells a story about a particularly distraught time in his life, and how the combination of his girlfriend’s sage and tough love helped bring him out of the funk.

“I feel my feelings deeply and want others to find comfort in knowing we all go through the same shit. We are not alone, no matter how intense our issues may feel,” he says.

Listen to “Preacher’s Nightmare” below.