‘Pop-Punk-Rapper’ Hollow River (the alias of multi-instrumentalist Mark MacDonald) will release the new single “Change” on July 14th.
“Change” was recorded at NYC’s legendary Power Station Studios in December 2022.



“This is a song about outgrowing close friends who feel small when I chase my dreams and needing to make a change to be around people who treat me better and are happy about my successes.”  – Mark MacDonald

The former Berklee College of Music student dropped out with one semester left to pursue their career full-time. Of their decision to record under a different moniker, MacDonald says, “Sometimes there is confusion on whether or not Hollow River is a band, to which I say “Hollow River is not a band — but I have a band and they are great.”

Hollow River has had a prolific year, what with the release of two EPs in the last three months alone: the studio EP ‘Backbay Dropout’ which dropped in April and the stripped-down ‘HR Acoustic, Vol 1,’ which was released on June 28.




About Hollow River

Meet Hollow River, the multi-instrumentalist and pop punk rapper hailing from both Canada and the United States. From an early age, Hollow River discovered their passion for music, picking up the guitar at just eight years old.

With a strong foundation in guitar, Hollow River began exploring different styles and sounds, eventually finding their sound blending Pop Punk with Rap elements. Their music is characterized by infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic instrumentals, all infused with a punk rock edge.

Hollow River’s journey into music began with an internship at Grant Avenue Studio, which led them to study Songwriting and Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music. In addition to their music studies, Hollow River also studied creative writing at the University of Ottawa, where they honed their storytelling skills and developed a unique lyrical style.

With their growing skill set and creative vision, Hollow River has quickly become a sought-after artist. They have been featured on popular radio stations such as 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), Live 88.5 (Ottawa), and 92.5 The River (Boston), captivating audiences with their energy and artistry.

Be sure to check out Hollow River’s latest single and follow them on social media for updates on their upcoming shows. Experience the unique blend of pop punk and rap that Hollow River brings to the stage