There’s so much new music coming out at any given time, it’s impossible to truly keep up with all of it. But I’m always on my toes, looking out for new artists to check out, new genres to explore, and new songs to play on repeat (ah, there it is – the name of this column!). In this occasionally-frequent column, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite new songs – the stuff I’ve been obsessed with and listening to on repeat. Some of it will be brand new (released the same day the column comes out), some might be a week or two old (24/7 news cycle be damned; a song released two weeks ago is still new enough for me) – all of it will be music I’m eager to share with whoever is reading.

Without further ado, the first edition of On Repeat…

Blake Rose – “How Do We Stay In Love?”

When I think of Blake Rose, I think of a romantic – whether he’s talking about love or romanticizing the angst of youth, he’s got a way of finding the poeticism in every situation. The follow-up to his EP You’ll Get It When You’re Older, released this February, “How Do We Stay In Love” tackles the loss of his childhood best friends’ mom to cancer – and finds him pondering how on earth to possibly keep that romanticism and hope alive. The music video (get some tissues ready) has a heartwarming ending sure to touch your heart. Catch Blake Rose on tour supporting Lauren Spencer Smith this summer.

Chase Petra – “Soapy Water”

Who out there hasn’t had a breakup that left them wanting to wash old memories away, never to be thought of again? That’s exactly what Chase Petra are exploring in “Soapy Water”: healing is hard, and it sure would be easier if we could just rinse all the pain away. I had the chance to see Chase Petra earlier this month, supporting Pool Kids, and let me tell you: you have to see this band live. They were the first of three bands on the bill, and had the crowd so riled up, there was cheering for an encore. The tour with Pool Kids wraps up soon, after which Chase Petra will be headed to the UK and Europe. Follow the band to see a full list of tour dates.

Quarters of Change – “Hollywood Baby”

Okay, okay, maybe I’m a little biased in that I recently moved to LA – but I love a song that references my city –  and who can resist a story about chasing a dream? Quarters of Change are from New York City, though, and “Hollywood Baby” was written in Woodstock, NY. While they might be singing “it’s the wrong time to be alive”, there’s something about the song’s lush, dreamy guitars and layered vocals that gives me that seize the day, embrace all of the possibilities in front of you, be free and live life to the fullest feeling. Catch the band on their headlining tour this fall – they’ll be wrapping up the run at Webster Hall, their largest hometown show to date.

Games We Play – “All My Untalented Friends (Ooo La La)”

And for another take on LA, here’s pop-punk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Games We Play (aka Emmyn Calleiro) with “All My Untalented Friends (Ooo La La)”. In a press release about the song, he said, “I moved to LA a year ago and I hated it and also met some people I didn’t really understand ha-ha, so this is a song about it. I don’t live in LA anymore, by the way.” In true pop-punk fashion, Games We Play’s first Los Angeles show took place at Denny’s – and he’s now touring with some of the biggest names in the scene. After supporting Yungblud earlier this summer, Games We Play will be supporting Fall Out Boy on select upcoming shows.

Cassadee Pope – “Almost There”

A decade after winning The Voice, with a successful country music career under her belt, earlier this year Cassadee Pope pivoted back to pop-punk with “People That I Love Leave.” If you were a Hey Monday fan like I was, you’ll love this era of Cassadee’s career. “Almost There” was cowritten with Nick Furlong (blink-182, 5 Seconds of Summer, Papa Roach) and Christina Galligan (Gnash, Aespa) and produced by Furlong. This song – and its accompanying video – sees Cassadee exploring an often taboo subject: her desires and sensuality.