On Get Set Records, popular artist Kasey Berry teleports us and herself to paradise in new soothing track, “Who Do You Love.” Berry’s latest single delivers a poppy euphoric sound over her hypnotizing vocals, the track cradles our ears with the escaping to tropical paradise narrative. A signature sound that is similar to classic 90s alternative rock, the song showcases Kasey’s talent for blending blissful piano melodies with silky smooth vocal samples, transporting you to a world of feel-good ambiance and uplifting rhythms.

“I wanted to make a record that puts a spin on a classic and make it feel new again,” said Kasey Berry in a press release. “The original “Who Do You Love” by Bernard Wright and the 90s version “Loungin’” by LL Cool J are two of my favorite songs, so I took the chorus and spun it into an uptempo and beachy vibe.”

Indulge in the musical bliss of Kasey Berry and let her transport you to a world where every beat feels like a warm, sun-kissed breeze. Experience “Who Do You Love” for yourself and join Kasey on an extraordinary musical adventure.

Kasey Berry is not only a remarkable artist but also a seasoned performer. Her style effortlessly weaves together various genres, from Top 40 hits and hip hop to 90s jams and dance classics. She is best known for performing on the biggest stages, including Superbowl events and high-profile shows for HBO, NFL, Bravo/Oxygen, and National Geographic. “Who Do You Love” prepares fans for an anticipated album by Kasey Berry coming soon as it is currently under development. To up-to-date on everything Kasey Berry, follow her on social media.

Stream the new single below.