Watching NBA games is a must if you are a big basketball fan. From betting with NBA odds to being entertained by end-to-end games, millions of people around the world now tune in to the NBA.

However, it’s not always possible to attend a game in person. Whether you live thousands of miles away or simply not have the funds to purchase a ticket, it can be difficult to get courtside as much as you’d wish.

Thankfully, the rise in technology means you don’t have to miss a single hoop these days.

Here in this article, we’ll offer tips on how best to stream games so that you don’t have to miss your favorite teams and players in action.

Ways to Stream NBA Games on Your Phone or Tablet

Streaming NBA games on your phone or tablet has never been easier or more convenient.

Whether you are keen to view the latest game or want to assess the teams and odds for NBA championship, the official app offers live games and highlights via its Pass subscription service.

Many streaming services also offer packages that include sports channels like ESPN which allow fans to watch live games.

If you’re a superfan looking for a comprehensive experience with no commercials or blackout restrictions, then NBA League Pass Premium is the way to go as it gives access to every game in HD quality with no ads or blackouts.

What devices are compatible with NBA streaming services?

NBA streaming services are hugely popular among today’s fans and compatible with a wide range of devices. From smartphones to tablets, consoles to computers, you can view your favorite games on a variety of different platforms.

Smartphones and tablets that run on iOS or Android are also supported while gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation are also compatible with the NBA streaming services.

What’s more, some smart TVs may also be able to access the service but it’s important to do your research and check it out before committing.

To ensure your devices are compatible with NBA streaming services, monitor the list of supported devices on the NBA website.

Does the quality of video vary between different platforms for streaming NBA games?

Yes, the quality of the video can vary between different platforms for streaming NBA games.

Of course, the quality of video streaming on a laptop will offer a higher resolution than that of most mobile smartphone devices.

Other platforms offer to show games in HD which further boosts your viewing experience.

In conclusion, it’s key you do your research to find the right streaming service to suit your NBA viewing needs.