Rising Bay Area Jay Kayze continues to campaign the forthcoming album, Before I Go, in the release of his second single “You Heard.” A track that addresses identity, Kayze answers the stigma of ‘not being black enough,’ by putting other people’s assumptions to rest, he chooses to focus his energy on himself, his music and his personal growth. In the music video, Jay explores his feelings in the mysterious Jousha Tree.

“The feds can’t even spell how much I make, All the fences, I unchained / Link by link, I built a name,” said Jay Kayze on the track.

Kayze uses his platform to talk about his personal struggle navigating a bi-racial upbringing, while also bridging the gap between his love of language and instrumentation. The self-proclaimed “artist’s artist” credits his passion to his upbringing.

“My mom raised me by herself. No food stamps, no government checks, nothing.” Kayze adds, “My father was not allowed in the state. I watched my mom work 80-hour weeks, and I saw her turn a college retail job into a Vice President-level role at a Fortune 500 company.”

Kayze style is old-school blended with trendy pop and rap. “I grew up listening to Lauryn Hill and the Black Eyed Peas with my mom, and Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre with my uncles,” he says in the press release.

Jay Kayze and Before I Go makes it debut this summer. And with “Over Love” and “You Heard,” Kayze promises more new music ahead of the debut’s release. All the new releases and previously hits from Jay Kayze are available now on all streaming platforms via Pink Castle Records. To stay updated on everything Jay Kayze, follow him on social media.

Watch “You Heard” below, and afterward, check out Jay Kayze catalog here.