For anyone stuck in a situationship, Eric Michael Taylor has a song you need to hear.

Human beings are such strange creatures. We share a basic desire for love and connection, but our pursuit of such things almost always causes harm. Even if we don’t mean to hurt others, games of the heart are never easily won.

Capturing the chaos of modern romance is difficult. Are you on an app, or do you prefer to meet people in the real world? If the latter is true, where do you do it, and how do you know you’re not limiting yourself? If you don’t date, why not? Did someone push you away, or did you fall for the wrong person and end up hurting yourself? Why are we all so afraid of giving one another the thing we all want?

The worst part of all is knowing there are no answers to these questions. As much as love may seem like a simple black and white idea, it’s virtually impossible to explain. Love is the kind of thing you know when you feel it, and that’s if you’re lucky.

For everyone, there’s sad songs, and newcomer Eric Michael Taylor recently crafted the music equivalent to a gut punch when working through his own romantic entanglements called “Never Said.” Check it out:

There are so many great moments in this track, and it all stems from Taylor’s incredible talent for relatable lyricism. The actions he’s describing are so clearly lifted from lived in moments that you cannot help empathizing with his pain. You also catch yourself thinking of your own heartaches, and the questionable choices you’ve made when wrestling with notions of romance.

I think most of us grow up believing in an idealized version of romance. We are taught to be ourselves, be kind, and put ourselves out there. It all seems so simple at first, but time has a way of hardening even the softest hearts, and before long, most adults are weary of any connection that might pose a risk to their war torn heart. “Never Said” captures this toxic mix of longing and fear perfectly, and it makes me excited for what Eric Michael Taylor will do next.