Multi-platinum country artist Trace Adkins has just released the music video for his song, “Love Walks Through the Rain” featuring Melissa Etheridge.

The music video made it’s debut yesterday (December 7th) at the Paramount Times Square Billboard in New York City, and is out everywhere for fans to view now. The video — produced by Mike Stryker and Andrew Rozario — is dark and stormy, showing us a couple in a darkened house fighting their own emotional elements, nearly succumbing to the pain of a fight. But with Adkins and Etheridge narrating, they soon find shelter from the wind and rain of turmoil, ready to carry on and come together once more.

As I have often said, my favorite videos are those that follow the storyline of the song,” Adkins shares. “This one is no different. The directors, Mike Stryker and Andrew Rozario, did a great job of letting the music tell the story.”

The Melissa Etheridge thing, I’ve done very few duets with females in my career because it’s hard to find a female vocal that blends with my voice because my voice is so low,” Adkins explains. “Her voice is perfect with my voice, and I kind of suspected that that was going to be the case. And when I got that track back after she put her part on there, it was like, ‘Oh my God, I should’ve been singing with her for 20 years.’ Our voices blend better than any woman I’ve ever sang with, and I just thought she killed it. She’s amazing.

Watch the video below.