Everyone’s day could use a little extra love. Francis and the Lights have just shared the music video for the tender “May I Have This Dance,” a song off of the 2016 debut album Farewell, Starlite!. Even better, Francis Farewell Starlite has brought on his friend and collaborator Chance the Rapper for the video.

The video takes place in a warehouse with just a white mat and a mirror illuminated. The bulk of the video consists of Chance showing off some dance moves with Francis joining at the beginning and the end. Chance also contributes a new verse to the song, and it’s as brilliant and as touching as one would expect. In keeping with his roots, Chance wears a “Chicago Girls Do It Better” shirt as well.

The video was directed by Jake Schreier with Adam Newport-Berra serving as Director of Photography. We think you’ll agree they did a great job in creating one of the most beautiful music videos of the year.