You are stronger than you know, and rock greats Messer have written a song to keep you going when times get tough.

You can only count on yourself and the people closest to you. That has been true since the earliest humans walked the Earth, but it’s easy to think otherwise in the digital age. Parasocial relationships have people believing in connections that don’t actually exist, and it’s creating an overwhelming feeling of loneliness that permeates throughout generational and cultural boundaries.

But that’s not the worse part. Amidst this growing sense isolation comes a feeling that no one—not even the people in power—can save us. Hell, they don’t care if we live or die as long as the number of us doesn’t dwindle to a point our labor no longer supports their comfy lifestyles. We are just cogs in an ever-growing machines built for endless growth in spite of the human or earthly cost.

With all that in mind, we have to do something. We have to take life into our hands and make it into something we want. We have to forge new realities and fight for them with everything in us. We have to become Unfvckwitable.

Rock greats Messer have returned with the a song that speaks to our reality now. “Unfvckwitable” delivers the driving modern rock sound that will inspire you to keep pushing ahead in the face of impossible odds. 

Speaking of the track, Messer says “Unfvckwitable” is a state of being. It’s the conscious decision to be unfazed and unaffected by the storms around you. It’s a commitment to strength of character. Having the clarity to not back down from your goals no matter what life throws at you. Strive to be Unbreakable, to be Unstoppable…  To BE UNFVCKWITABLE

They continue: “To bring the visual message for this song – it was clear there was only one choice when it came to directing the video: Matt JC (director) of 1307 Productions.  He and Aaron Fariooz (Director of Photography) and their crew brought their award winning cinematography to this 6k, Super Hi-Def video. The location was also a key element – it was filmed at Grace Point Media in Dallas, Texas, which features a high definition 10 foot tall x 40 foot long L.E.D. wall. Our guitarist Jonathan Simmons created the “video within the video” to act as the backdrop to the high energy performance we put out. The message the video tells is one from inside the diamond and is meant to be a reminder to be strong like a diamond – which is what we are trying to get across with this song.”

This undeniable track is the latest in a long string of hits for Messer. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to learn what comes next.