Following their triumphant return as a band, a completed run on Sad Summer Fest and multiple sold-out headlining shows, The Summer Set has released their newest single, “Hard Candy” from their upcoming album Blossom. Co-written by Nick Furlong (Avicii, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Blink-182), “Hard Candy” is full of the upbeat, sugar-sweet feeling that has come to be synonymous with The Summer Set.

Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight



“There was a period of my life living in LA where I was really addicted to a lifestyle full of things that felt good in the moment but were really bad for me,” shares vocalist Brian Logan Dales. “There were many late nights filled with reckless habits that would end with a drunken phone call to the same person— ultimately crawling back to their bed. This is a song about those nights, and how awful they would feel the morning after— even though time and time again I would keep coming back for more.”


The band’s newest album Blossom, part one of a two-part release, will be released on September 9. The album features “Hard Candy” alongside previously released singles “Street Lightning”, “Back Together”, and “Teenagers” (feat. Against The Current), and is entirely produced by The Summer Set’s own John and Stephen Gomez (Dabin, TWIN XL, Sophia Scott, Glitch Mob).

“By definition, Blossom means ‘to mature or develop in a promising or healthy way.’ So, that’s what we did,” says Dales. “We had to go our separate ways as a band for a few years so we could all bloom into the people we’ve become today. This is an album about growth and togetherness. About letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.”

Blossom is available to pre-order on vinyl now at and pre-save now at

Blossom Tracklist
1. The Color Of Everything (Intro)
2. Street Lightning
3. My Own Medicine
4. Teenagers (feat. Against The Current)
5. FTS
6. Hard Candy
7. Famous
8. Back Together