With over 1.4 million streams and counting across all platforms, the fast-rising duo Two Lanes prepares for a high-profile tour with the release of a heart-wrenching electronic single “Belong”. An emotional track that showcases the new act’s vulnerability while they rise up to musical prominence. The song is heavy-handed, echo-doused piano chords lay out the melancholy framework. It’s the perfect wined down track as we head into the Fall.

Soft percussion elements build up the rhythm section as the indie-folk vocals mystically reveal the verses of this story. Light string instruments, atmospheric effects, and slurred aesthetics infuse the drama. Two Lanes have a creative chemistry that few music entities do, reflecting their signature sound and their continuous, growing demand.

Two Lanes on making “Belong”:

“With our new track‚ ‘Belong’ we wanted to combine acoustic instruments such as the piano and strings with synthesizers and electronic beat elements. We wrote the vocals with our dear friend James Hersey at our studio here in Berlin. Lyrically the song reflects on the urge to find the right place in life where one belongs. We recorded the strings with a string player at Funkhaus Berlin. During the session, we experimented with different instruments, microphones and bowing techniques to achieve a variety of sounds and a unique tone.”

Catch them on tour Sept. 8th – October 18th as they showcase the live performance version of what has grown to be a one-of-a-kind movement. For more on Two Lanes, follow the duo on social media.

Stream Two Lanes’ new single below.