Just in time for the summertime vibe, Chicago’s Emurse drops off a party-starting anthem in the new song “Rootkit.” The new song is an easy-to-connect-with single showcasing where Emurse is at and where he’s going in 2022. A diverse background and the ability to captivate the masses with his one-of-a-kind sound. The latest single arrives on the heels of Emurse crowd-pleasing performance at this year’s Electric Forrest.

For Emurse, “Rootkit” is one part of a broader movement that Emurse has meticulously put together. It delivers amazing power through crafted sound design, untamed melodies, and well-executed moments of intensity. The single doesn’t try to overcompensate with highly technical verses or unnecessarily overpowering drops.

Emurse’s backstory is astonishing. Having studied music theory for over a decade, as well as being a trained guitarist, pianist, bassist and percussionist, Kehres strives to push the boundaries of the melodic side of electronic music. The resume includes collaborations with notable stars Electric Hawk, Trap City, Andrew Huang, Tommee Profitt, Dektora, The Wave Stage, Vibe.Digital, Liquid Ritual, and Delphic Syndicate. His work has appeared in television, film and commercials for several luxury brands.

“Rootkit” is out now via vibe.digital. Listen to “Rootkit” below, and follow Emurse on social media.