Cali-born and Detroit-bred NOLAN (aka/formally Nolan The Ninja) is a young MC and beat maker that has caught the attention of many these past couple of years. In 2019 he released SPORTEE, a full length LP on Mello Music Group touring Europe and collaborating with artists such as The Cools Kids Chuck English, Homeboy Sandman, Quelle Chris and more. NOLAN independently released TALK SOON, a mixtape that garnered the attention of many press outlets and music critics. “GO’HEAD”, the leading single on the mixtape, landed on Spotify’s ‘Best of Hip-Hop 2020’ allowing NOLAN to continue his build and prep for releasing new music throughout 2021. 

In late 2020, Substream Records A&R Akeem Louison, reached out to NOLAN to discuss a possible partnership with the label which would lead to his latest single “freekit (remix)”. “Akeem had reached out in late 2020 and we settled a month or so after we spoke. We continue to build and learn from each other which has cool so far”, explains NOLAN.

We had the opportunity to pin NOLAN down for some quick Q&A regarding his release and the video. Here’s what we found out;

SM; The Music video is Dope. Talk to us about the ideas behind it?
NOLAN; I wanted to do a very dope black and white video. So, I got with my guy Sidd Finch, showed him some ideas I had in mind and then presto! A few people said it reminds them of “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, which is humbling for me because I remember seeing that video at 12 years old and being enamored. haha

SM; In regards to your current/up coming release P.S., when can we expect that and what will we be getting with P.S. that we didn’t hear on TALK SOON?
NOLAN; Well, it won’t be out until I finish this tour but soon nonetheless. TALK SOON wasn’t sample-heavy like my previous stuff. In fact, I don’t think I sampled anything really except maybe a couple old interview clips. P.S. is more jazzy with that good warm bottom. I don’t wanna say too much just yet but I’m excited to see what people think. It reminds of me a dope mixtape you could’ve found in like 2012-2013, which is the era I began trying to take music more serious.

SM; Your 2019 performance on COLORS was cool, talk to us about that experience in doing that.
NOLAN; Man, that was dope. I was in Germany for damn near a month. (laughing)  You couldn’t tell me shit. I was out there alone too so I was really moving and building. Can’t wait to go back!


SM;  You have a 14 City Tour w/ Homeboy Sandman which kicks off on September 8th in Chicago. Which city are you really excited to perform in front of?
NOLAN; Honestly, I’m excited to visit all of the cities! I’ve only been to Chicago and Atlanta so all of the others will be a first time for me. Not sure about Detroit, though. I haven’t even had a show at home since 2019? It’s been awhile.

SM; Whats it been like in Detroit lately? Musically and mentally.
NOLAN; Well, I’ve been in LA heavy since April but I’ve been around family lately as well so not too bad!

SM; Any creator you want to work with?
NOLAN; Knxwledge or Mach Hommy













Listen to NOLAN’s latest single on Spotify!