Ponder is the one-man, singer-songwriter project, constructed by Joseph Barnum. As a fresh 21-year-old, Barnum is ready for Ponder to enter a new chapter in his musical career. This Friday, he is releasing the first single and music video “Foundation” from his upcoming EP “Trouble in the Self-View,” which will be out in June of 2021.


Video by Jacob Murnane

Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Barnum has been writing songs and playing music since he was eight years old.

He found his early footing in the Nashville DIY scene as an early high schooler, which led him to release his debut EP “The Ups, The Downs, The In-Betweens” and began performing with some incredible artists in the local indie/emo music scene. 

His sophomore release, “1st Degree,” is what led him to begin touring in 2017. By the time he had graduated high school, Barnum had visited 19 states and 31 cities. 


When it comes to his single, “Foundation,” Barnum says  “I wrote the basis of the song (really refrained from the foundation pun right there) actually in Vermont on a summer tour with Caving back in 2017. We had a couple off days so I recorded a couple of demos in their garage, and when it came time to write the EP I thought Foundation still applied to me and my headspace at the time. After some writing edits and killer brainstorming with Matt Schumacher it became I think my favorite song I’ve ever written so far. It’s a song about accepting your setbacks, and coming out the other side stronger through growth and acceptance.”

Stay tuned for updates on Ponder’s “Trouble in the Self View” EP and (hopefully) for touring plans this year!