Massachusetts-based band, Valleyheart, unveils a new chapter in their musical career. On February 12, the band unveiled their latest video “Scenery,” which touches on the idea of feeling stuck emotionally, mentally, and physically. It dives into the way the ways we tell ourselves we need to change our environment to change ourselves. 

“Scenery” examines the way we shake up our surroundings in search of mental clarity & peace. 

Valleyheart is equal parts boldness and beauty. They are known for their introspective lyrics, mournful melodies, lush blankets of driving guitars, and wistful vocal deliveries. The four-piece band, led by Kevin Klein, formed in 2016, had the idea of rearranging his haunting folk songs into dynamic rock statements. 

Earlier in the year, they released “T.I.K.” which is an acronym for Thoughts I Keep, which dives into the songwriters’ own mind and contemplates understanding paradoxical behaviors. 

“T.I.K” is about how our opposing emotions and thoughts interact.” Klein shares, “I wanted those tensions and weight paralleled in the instrumentation; hence this probably being the heaviest and hard-hitting track.”

The band has nearly three million streams on Spotify and has toured with Chase Huglin and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  Valleyheart has entered 2021 with new music and a renewed creative push as they continue to carve out their own corner of the indie/alternative rock space.