Childhood friends and indie-pop duo Ruby Red have created a phenomenal new wave of next generation music in 2020. And with their new EP, Area of Affect, on the horizon. Today, for the lead, Ruby Red makes social commentary about relationships and the perception of media while taking you on a funky daydream in their hazy “All Night Long” music video.

A video by Ava Doorley. The retro music video emulates a vivid feel and playful narrative, starting with a young mundane couple eating microwave dinners while watching TV, then suddenly transcending into a very curious woman’s peculiar and funky daydream. “All Night Long” is produced by John Van Liere. The song is inspired by a unique combination of SOBxRBE and Chaka Khan.

Ruby Red on making “All Night Long”:

“We love music videos that look cool just for the sake of looking cool, but I think we wanted to challenge ourselves (and the people we worked on it with) to give ‘All Night Long’ more of a narrative — all the while the song was weird yet fun, upbeat, and not too serious because that’s how we were living at the time.”

Ruby Red’s sound blossoms with possibility. Their fresh tone takes a modern twist on a vintage ambience. Glossed over with a shiny, homegrown collection of vibing sounds and introspective lyrics are constructed with colorful elements that gleam with potential. From uniquely crafted synth soundscapes, multi-genre influences and a live show filled with lasers, Ruby Red plans to push the boundaries of indie music and become a true household name.

Area of Affect is available now on all DSPs. Along with “All Night Long,” the project includes fellow breakout hits “Superbloom” and “How It Should Feel.” After the listen, continue to follow Ruby Red’s journey on Instagram.