Last month, Substream ran a story regarding allegations that had surfaced against Bradley Walden of Emarosa. We ran the story about a week after the allegations surfaced, after speaking with the victim and getting further details from them. Up until today, there had been no response from Walden, but he has just released a statement via social media.

Walden was accused of sexual misconduct from this victim, including grooming and soliciting pornography from a minor. In our original story, we shared their story and quotes from screenshots that we had seen from Emarosa’s management team to the victim. You can find our original story here, but below we will link to the victim’s statement on Twitter for those who may have been unaware of the original allegations.

As mentioned above, Walden has responded to these allegations today. In his statement, Walden admits that he was emotionally unfaithful to his fiancé and that there was a relationship via social media and texting communication; however, he denies the allegations of grooming and pedophilia. Walden does also indicate that he and his legal actions will be taking legal action next week against the victim.

Read the full statement from Walden below.