This year’s International Music Summit hosted a special live seminar deconstruction of a globally successful hit by the late-Avicii featuring the artist’s Aloe Blacc-featured, “SOS”. Held in Malta, Ski Oakenfull, the Point Blank Music School‘s Head of Curriculum, hosted a live song analysis to educate summit-goers on how to construct a signature hit themselves using similar tools of the trade.

During his dissertation, Ski breaks down the song’s programming with a number of different beat patterns and effects into Ableton Live 10 using his Ableton Push 2. He then pulls back the curtain on some of the music theory behind the track delving into the chords and melodies used throughout the song’s verse, pre-chorus and chorus. Ski figures out the song’s key signature by looking for the most dominant note in the track which is known as the “tonic” note or key center.

Ski also breaks down Aloe Blacc’s assisted vocals on the song and reveals special techniques to creates certain tones and sound effects to help bring out the most in a note. A real in-sightful speaking engagement aimed at recruiting aspiring musicians to journey to the Point Blank Music School for a collegiate education in Music.

Point Blank Music School is well-known for its guest appearances Calvin Harris, Griz and Jax Jones. A great place to learn and deconstruct music with available tutorials. Check out the complete course list here.

Meanwhile, watch the complete demonstration below.

Rest in Peace Avicii.