The idea of heavy Things was first born back in 2015, when vocalist Will Deely was operating as a solo act in Columbus, Ohio. Deely was looking to perform his acoustic EP, What Keeps You Warm, and thus recruited guitarist Chris Heidel, drummer Alex Giles, and bassist Casey Costello to perform the EP live as a full-band.

That live performance quickly blossoms into a full-band, and thus giving way to Heavy Things. Their first record, Goner, came quickly and dropped in 2017 — featuring both new songs and re-worked songs from What Keeps You Warm. Their follow-up, Glimpse, then name out in the spring of 2018 via InVogue Records.

Over the years, Heavy Things has toured nationally with acts like Hawthorne Heights, Listener, and River Oaks — which has helped establish them as a band that’s ready and deserving of your attention. Through their two full-lengths, Heavy Things have become known for their emotionally-driven lyrics and choruses that will resonate in your head all day. But, more than anything, the band is getting better with time, and Substeam is excited to be playing a small part of that.

Today, we are excited to be teaming up with Heavy Things to exclusively debut their new single, “Old Friends.” Produced, engineered, and mixed by Grant Eppley at Public HiFi Studios in Austin, Texas, “Old Friends” continues to show the band’s growth, through softer verses, while keeping the huge hooks they’ve gotten so good at crafting over the years.

“Old Friends is a song about the passing of a relationship. It’s about the unsettled ground between you and the person you used to be in love with and not being sure where it’s going to end up,” Deely tells Substream. “You don’t tend realize how many different connections and memories you make with that person over time through physical things like photos and records, or even just a song thats playing when you’re out in public until it’s over and you’re trying to recover from it all. It’s a lonely process, writing this song helped me get through it.”

Below you will find our exclusive premiere of “Old Friends” and its music video, which was directed, shot, and edited by Ross Theisen and Josh Emerick.

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