Jimmy Eat World have quite a few perfect LPs. It was difficult to rank ‘em all, but I had help from artist manager/former Senses Fail bassist Mike Glita. We have agreed at first on said list, but we were able to meet in “The Middle.”  Here JEW go:

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Damage (2013)

SW: Sup.

MG: Sup.

SW: So, we’re starting with JEW’s second most recent full length…

MG: Yup.

SW: Damage.

MG: Damage.

SW: “Appreciation” is a great opening track.

MG: I certainly appreciate that track.

SW: You were good.

MG: “Byebyelove”.


MG: I appreciation.

SW: There is no bad Jimmy Eat World record, but this one is our least favorite…

MG: (interrupting) Which means it didn’t do as much “Damage.”

SW: Mike drop.

MG: That’s good.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues (2016)

SW: I’ve been going to Jimmy Eat World shows regularly for over two decades, and the Integrity Blues tour was among the band’s best.

MG: I concur.

SW: Do you concur?

MG: I do concur. Doctor? Doctor?

SW: I’m surely certain.

MG: I AM certain, and don’t call me Shirley.

SW: FYI: I like this record A LOT more than Damage, and I really like Damage. Are you listening?

MG: Is that you, or is that you with me? You with me. You with me.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Invented (2010)

SW: This album is very Einstein.

MG: Do you have evidence? Are you sure it’s not Edison?

SW: My best theory.

MG: Stop.

SW: Cut.

MG: (it out).

SW: (sings) Everywhere you look.

MG: Littlethings.

SW: I guess that my heart is hard to find.

MG: Yup.

SW: This album is underrated, but then again, so are all of Jimmy Eat World’s albums.

MG: I got her numba. How do you like dem apples?

SW: (looks at him confused)

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Static Prevails (1996)

MG: An old bandmate gave me a copy of this record in the late-90s. It was raw, real, and rough around the edges.

SW: “Claire” was the first Jimmy Eat World song that I ever heard. It remains one of my favorites.

MG: Did you get her numba? How do you dem apples?

SW: (looks at him confused)

MG: Maybe you didn’t hear me. World is static.

SW: Static prevails.

MG: It always does. I prevail.

SW: Blank face.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light (2007)

MG: Chase this light, man. Where do you think the band actually chased said light?

SW: Big casino.

MG: Gotta be somebody’s blues.

SW: (Give it up).

MG: Midtown rules. I was in a band with one of those dudes.

SW: You’ll always be.

MG: God I wish I could hate you for the rest of my…

SW: Again, another underrated album. Now we are off to the big three.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American (2001)

MG: This album was the soundtrack to my early-2000s. It rarely left my CD player.

SW: What’s a CD player?

MG: It WAS the thing in THE MIDDLE of your car.


MG: Now you can GET IT FASTER.

SW: IF YOU DON’T (use a CD player, record player, or cassette deck), DON’T (complain about the new industry model).

MG: Are you listening?

SW: The world was, to Jimmy.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Futures (2004)

MG: Now THIS is an underrated album.

SW: Who does number two work for?

MG: Coming off the breakout mainstream success of the previously mentioned LP must not have been an easy time for the band.

SW: I always believed in futures.

MG: Just tonight. (On my) night drive.

SW: (I was) 23 (when this album came out).

MG: Nothing wrong (with that).

SW: Pain. (pauses; no laughter) I really fucking love this album.

MG: It’s a good record.

  1. Jimmy Eat World – Clarity (1999)

SW: For me…

MG: This is heaven.

Hear you me. Enjoy this Spotify playlist featuring one song from each album. Closing disclaimer: These albums are STUDIO non-compilation albums and no EPs/singles are included. Are you listening?