Philadelphia recording artist Jeff Kush made a name for himself with three big 2018 hits “Whiplash,” “Get It Poppin,” and the song that started it all, “Jolly Rancher“. Laid foundation, buzzing regional popularity, and so much more to offer, its time for the rising star to take his career to the next level. Today, Jeff Kush makes his illustrious debut with the 13-track introduction called Boundless.

Boundless is a bridging of the gap for newfound fans and day-one followers. In the album, Kush gives fans a firm explanation just who the West Cheddar-native exactly is and what he’s been through. Packed with what Kush is known for in cutting-edge and hard-hitting lyricism, he also connects with his fans through similar social issues like depression, poverty and injustice. The album includes breakout tracks, “Money Issues,” “Depression Killer,” and the latest hit “Old Tings,” featuring fellow Philly artist Abrax Phaeton.

“I wrote this album in the mindset I was in when I was struggling every day a few years ago,” He on the album concept. “I always hoped that I wind up successful enough to reflect on my old life though an album like ‘Boundless’. It was an experience reliving my life through writing these concepts and lyrics to match it together. Money issues are really the introduction on who I was while struggling with the perspective on who I wanted to become and how I wanted to live my life.”

Boundless includes productions by Rekon, Brokeboi, Illuid Hailer, P.K., and JayDot. Along with Abrax Phaeton, the album features guest appearances from Vante and Renny SYMF. The debut album is available now via Kush own imprint. For more on Jeff Kush, follow him today on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream Jeff Kush’s debut album Boundless below.