Hello dear readers! Welcome back to Take 5. We skipped last week because of the short week coming off the 4th of July, but the column is back! This week, you’re going to get a slightly condensed version of Take 5. There are still five songs, but each section is just a little bit shorter than usual. Why? Because I’m writing this a few days earlier than I normally do, in between packing for a wedding I am attending (and already attended as you’re reading this) over the weekend. I’m sure I will have a great time, and I hope you have an equally great time this week and reading this column. Onto Take 5!

Leah Capelle – alder lake

You might remember Leah Capelle from earlier this year and her moving video for “Settle Down.” Her new single “alder lake” keeps that same emotional impact and packages it in an entirely different sound. Rock vibes abound here, with a powerful guitar riff dominating the song and much more kick in the drums. Capelle excels at getting to the core of any given subject she’s writing about, and the lyrics about remembrance and vulnerability are powerful and well-written. Leah Capelle isn’t done in 2019, which should make everyone happy.

BANKS – Godless

It’s no secret I’ve been a big fan of BANKS and her recent work. I have a full review of new album III coming later in the week and spoiler alert: I (mostly) love it. One of the best songs on the album is “Godless.” It embodies the power and complexity on the album, and BANKS turns in one of her best vocal performances of the record on the track. It also features production from SOHN, who takes this song about deities and worship and makes it feel as important, reverent, and booming as it needs to be. On an album full of jams, “Godless” stands out.

PVRIS – Death of Me

New PVRIS is always a good thing. The band spent much of last week teasing new music, and delivered with single “Death of Me.” Lynn Gunn is as good as ever, falling into a spiral of infatuation over someone who might have a hint of danger about their love. The track is a fascinating blend of PVRIS’s more pop-oriented melodies and some of the heavier elements of their sound. The verses are relatively light and production-filled, while the chorus brings out the big guns and the brute force of PVRIS working at full power. “Death of Me” serves as a promising sign of things to come.

Electric Youth – ARAWA

When it gets too hot outside in the summer, you can see the haze of the heat in the air. Electric Youth’s new single “ARAWA” is like that in musical form. The duo put together synth after synth, each one floating and gliding along in a pleasant, enveloping mix. The title, which stands for “As Restless As We Are,” embodies the emotional tone of the album, which is an assurance for themselves that no matter how often they feel like moving on or that things aren’t working, there will always be something there in the future to drive them. It’s a comforting message, and it makes for the perfect summer listen.

Bon Iver – Faith

We’ll end Take 5 on a light note this week. Bon Iver’s “Faith” has something for fans of every era of Bon Iver. The beginning starts slow and thoughtfully, stripped down for those who like Justin Vernon’s early work. The middle brings in some more of the production work that evolved over the years, all while maintaining a hopefulness that’s really endearing. And while this column is about the songs more than the videos, the lyric video for “Faith” is one of the coolest and most visually interesting of the year.

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