Over the last few days all of us in the States have had our heads turned to the sky as we watch the various firework displays put on by our cities (and by our neighbors). We’re not the only ones looking that way, though. Toronto pop artist RALPH (the stage name of Raffa Weyman) has also turned her gaze upwards, but she’s looking past the fireworks and fixating on much further distances. The result is her spacey new single “Gravity” and its equally galactic music video.

If you love keys, you’re going to love “Gravity.” RALPH makes the groovy, leaping keys the foundation for everything the music does. As she sings about falling in love again despite her reservations, the music bounces and leaps just like her heart. The chorus draws inspiration from classic synth-pop, combining those keys with a light, delightfully danceable beat and shimmering production.

The music video, animated by Amika Cooper, sends RALPH out into the universe to explore the heights her song reaches. Swirling colors, bright hearts, and bright patterns abound in the engaging video. We see RALPH in a spacesuit, a vast array of stars, and more sci-fi elements like spaceships and a robotic dog. Every second of the music video for “Gravity” has something to grab the attention of the viewer.

Join RALPH in space and check out “Gravity” below.