PH4DE is no stranger to the spotlight in 2019. After dropping four singles in a row to trend on both Audiomack and Spotify, the Romani Texan is here to complete the saga with the powerful mixtape VENDETT4.

While a vendetta is typically thought of as external, PH4DE takes it in another direction.. Here, he is seeking vengeance against himself throughout the entire project.

There are also moments of happiness and a definite “summer vibe,” but the undertone of the album is a very introspective- one with deep rooted emotion. PH4DE communicates his struggles in past relationships, his war within himself, and the rocky past that brought him to his breaking point.

Produced executively by Houston’s AIRON, the mixtape contains ever-changing rhythms, soul bending 808s, and the craziest drum patterns to echo in the halls of Houston for years. As much as this project stands out lyrically, the production matches flame with flame to deliver a pyrotechnic experience that will certainly age VENDETT4 into a definite classic.

You can stream the new album below!