It might be the last day of July, but there’s still plenty of time for summer. From beach trips to lazy days in the backyard, a precious few weeks remain to enjoy the weather and the music. Sisters Danielle, Este, and Alana of HAIM know this to be true. This afternoon they shared their first track since 2017’s Something To Tell You, the dreamy and aptly-named “Summer Girl.”

The track starts with a wonderful drum breakdown and a funky bass line, both of which serve as the foundation of “Summer Girl.” The live drums give the song a spark, and the sisters put their vocal harmonies to good use with a cozy, inviting track that radiates the warmth of the season. Rostam–who has been everywhere and on everything this year–co-produced the track with Danielle and also provides the saxophone that really makes this song pop. In a Facebook post earlier this morning, Danielle explained the song is several years old and was written when her partner at the time was diagnosed with cancer as a way to provide them some light. The post further explains that the track was only recently finished, and expresses the sisters’ desire to get back to a quicker turnaround in writing and releasing music (an exciting update, to be sure!).

HAIM also released a music video to go with “Summer Girls.” It begins with the trio dressed for chillier climates, and sees them gradually shed layers to match the temperature as the video goes on. In the meantime, Rostam makes multiple appearances following them around playing his saxophone.

You can check out the video for “Summer Girls” and read Danielle’s full post below.