With her latest release, singer-songwriter Sarah McGowan reminds us there is no easy way to break a heart.

Most people are smarter than they want to admit, especially where their emotions are concerned. Humans have a unique ability to feel the end of something before it happens, but embracing the finality is another story altogether. Even if an ending is good for us, we often struggle with letting the end come to pass. Just ask Sarah McGowan, whose new song perfectly encapsulate the struggle to do what we must, even if it hurts.

Premiering today on Substream, “Leave You Lonely” tackles the strings that remain when love disappears. It’s a moving, perfectly-paced ballad about the feelings we maintain for those we care above, even if they are not the people we are meant to keep in our lives forever. Backed by simple accompaniment, McGowan plainly states the battle between what’s right and what hurts the least while remaining fully aware that there is no easy solution.

Speaking to the track, McGowan tells us:

“Leave You Lonely” is a song about knowing you’re about to break someone’s heart but not being able to let them go. In most of my past relationships, I ended up being the one who gets hurt, so this is a different angle for me. When my co-writer Anna Schulze and I wrote this about a year ago, I had no idea that I was about to go through something similar to this song. So it takes on a new meaning to me now—I’m singing about my broken heart through the eyes of the one who hurt me.

Sarah McGowan will release her new EP, A Little Intimate, on June 28.