The Polarity are back with their first single since last year’s Sugarcoat. Officially out tomorrow (April 30), “Skinny Jeans” is an anthemic lead into enlightening emo.

On the song, lead singer Taylor Hearne says he experienced some writer’s block. “So I’ve really had a hard time writing music ever since our last album took off,” he explains. “Every time I put together a song I always thought, ‘This isn’t good enough.’ I had to go back to the mindset of making music for fun and not trying to please people.”

“Skinny Jeans” is the start of something new for the Polarity. Originally a solo project, the band is now a full-life quartet endeavor between Hearne, guitarist Ethan Ditthardt, bassist Tyler Kysar, and drummer Taylor Goode.

Listen to the new track below.