Dream pop has its hooks. Lana Del Rey nearly made quaint, dreamy piano pieces famous in the modern era. Introduce the debut full-length from Eleni Era, Rise Love: a near-40 minute dream-pop marathon, it seems. To some, this could be soothing and relaxing, while others think it’s a dreary and dull album that sounds much longer than it actually is.

The track “Not Her” is astounding with the most pop-like piece on the record; “Rain” is a swooning tune that envelopes into much of what the album ends up being. The album is very slow and sad at times, and even blends in together to sound very vague and ominous throughout and it can be unclear or difficult to understand what the songs are trying to portray.

All throughout, Rise Love is a quaint and long marathon. But it’s only really enjoyable if you enjoy the songs themselves and the genre the track presents.