Cherries are one of the best fruits on the planet. I would eat all the cherries in the entire world if I could. They also look cool, a vibrant red little orb of goodness. Incorporating cherries into artwork provides a pop of color and an underlying sweetness to whatever you’re doing. Buenos Aires-based artist Lula Miranda proved this to be true with her incredibly satisfying and delightful pop single “Cherry Kiss” earlier in the year. The cherries keep popping up in the newly released music video for “Cherry Kiss” as well (via Refinery29, who also ran an incredible interview with Miranda you should read).

The video begins in a way that might be a bit unexpected based on hearing the song. Miranda sits alone in an ornate mansion room, holding a snake, surrounded by cherries, and covered in cherry juice. We jump from there to Miranda with all of the women closest to her as they enjoy a fun and lively dance party in an empty quarry. It seems the quarry dance party happened earlier in the day, and we find out what happened in the mansion as the video progresses. Turns out that mansion was home to a sort of ritual amongst the women involving the snake, some chain mail, and every single one of those cherries. Directors Juan Manuel Pinzon and Paco Gorriz alongside Director of Photography Daniel Carrizo create soaring camera angles and amazing shots that show the bond between the women and the spectacular scenery and set pieces in the video.

Grab yourself a jar of cherries and maybe buy a pet snake, and then watch the music video for Lula Miranda’s “Cherry Kiss” above.