We all have at least a couple of memories from our youth that left an indelible mark on us. It could be a particularly great day with a best friend, a first crush, or a particularly stinging heartbreak. No matter what it is, we can remember every single detail of that memory, down to what clothes we were wearing and what song was on the radio. These powerful memories shaped us, and it shapes the art we make. Hailing from Santa Monica, brothers Zach and Ben Yudin have tapped into these memories as the musical duo Cayucas. Today the pair are releasing the particularly poignant and powerful track “Winter of ’98,” and we have the stream and music video for it right here for you.

Although it’s set in the dead of winter 20 years ago, there’s a pervasive heart and warmth to “Winter of ’98.” These experiences clearly shaped Zach, as he sings about school dances and his feelings for a particular girl at said dance with detail to impart how important it was to him at the time. At the same time, there’s a sense of looking into the unknowable future from the perspective of ’98 Zach, and that nebulous time is reflected in an instrumental that dreamily floats along on the back of a spectacular percussion arrangement and gently strummed guitar.

The music video for “Winter of ’98” also plays on this nostalgia. The song is played on a Walkman connected to the cassette player of a car as the brothers go through a car wash. The inside of a car wash is a mysterious place full of dazzling colors and swirling machines that match the swirling thoughts of the song. The camera focusing on the dazzling light as the song and video end is another nice touch in a video full of them.

Zach further set the scene for the track, saying “It’s 1998, it’s a a cold winter evening in Davis, CA. There’s a quiet chill in the air. College students have left town for holiday & store fronts are sparkling in Xmas spirit. You are all alone, parked in your white ford taurus, waiting. Waiting for her, just to see her, maybe talk to her.. Who knows what can happen, maybe a miracle..”

You can watch the video for “Winter of ’98” below. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming 2019 release Real Life, which will be released through Park The Van Records. Cayucas will be on tour for the next few weeks, and dates can also be found below.

Cayucas Tour Dates
November 28 – Sainte Rocke – Hermosa Beach, CA
November 29 – Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA
November 30 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
December 5 – Siren – Morro Bay, CA
December 7 – Catalyst Atrium – Santa Cruz, CA
December 8 – Velvet Jones – Santa Barbara, CA
December 9 – House of Blues Voodoo Room – San Diego, CA