Hard-hitting rock band Dead Friends released their latest single, “Torches,” last week. The single follows previous standalone singles “Down for Good” which came out in July, and “Paimon (What You Omen)” just last month.

Expanding on “Torches” itself and the idea behind it, Dead Friends’ lead vocalist/guitarist Austin Radford shares, “I think subconsciously people feel like we need our lives to be defined by something comprehensible – anything from political or religious affiliation to a job or a favorite sports team. ‘Torches’ is about clinging too closely to those life defining elements, and the devastating realization that you’re not a complete person without them.”

Today, we are excited to be premiering the new music video for “Torches” — which features the band performing in black and white in an unmarked location. If the band’s music wasn’t enough of an exhilarating experience as a listener, the music video serves as a reminder to just how much energy goes into their music and performances.

All three of their previously released singles — “Torches,” “Paimon (What You Omen),” and “Down for Good” — were recorded by Will Beasley (Asking Alexandria, Emarosa) and are meant to excite fans and hold them over until their new EP, which is set to be released in early-2019. It will be the follow-up to their debut EP, Set You Right, which came out in 2017.