Even when it’s at its best, life can be a tough go. We’ve all got problems we’re dealing with, and it’s always good to remember that when you’re interacting with other people. It’s easier to face hardship with others than on your own, but it’s important to find the right people to face it with. UK band Sonny Elliot–the project of brothers Joe and Chris Peden–are working on finding their people. They detail this journey on their new single “Surrender,” taken from the duo’s upcoming EP Broken Glasses. Gather around with your closest friends and listen to the premiere of “Surrender” below.

“Surrender” proves how much atmosphere and feeling you can build in a song with just a couple guitars. The intesity and volume of the song never changes much, but Sonny Elliot subtly tweak the music to create entirely new thoughts and emotional context. As the song begins there’s a dark gloom in the sound, but as the lyrics continue and the brothers affirm that they’ll keep going and pushing on, a sense of hope and joy slowly begins to exude from “Surrender.” It’s a stirring and uplifting change to experience in a listen.

Asked about the story behind “Surrender,” Chris Peden says “It’s easy to let life get to you. Sometimes there doesn’t even seem to be a reason. But when you get the courage to let someone in, who makes you feel safe, it can change your whole perspective.”

Listen to Sonny Elliot’s “Surrender” below. Broken Glasses is set for release on October 12.