The Beths have a penchant for releasing songs and videos that make people pay attention. They announced their new album Future Me Hates Me in May with the alien invasion stage play video for the titular song, and put pineapples on the mind in June for “Happy Unhappy.” The album is out next month, and right on schedule the New Zealand four-piece have another single and music video to share. Get ready to feast your ears on “Great No One.”

“Great No One” shares the pop melody sensibilities of The Beths’ previous singles, but with a twist. The track has a much more rock influenced sound, with chunky guitar riffs dominating the instrumental during the verses. This fits with the subject matter, as Elizabeth Stokes sings about the struggle of not feeling up to par. The chorus leans more into the pop side of The Beths’ skill sets, but all together this is one of the heavier songs the band has released, both lyrically and sonically.

The lyric video, which you can find above, shows the cover art of the single. Standing on top of a purple mountain, the band actually plays and dances to the song as the lyrics appear.

You won’t have to wait much longer to hear more from The Beths. Future Me Hates Me is out on August 10 through Carpark Records.