Guitar maestro Ryley Walker’s new album Deafman Glance is out next week. Ever since I heard his single “Opposite Middle” I’ve been eagerly anticipating the new release. Walker clearly knows his way around a guitar arrangement, and “Opposite Middle” was a spectacularly dense, meaty track on that front. Today, Walker has shared “Spoil With The Rest,” the final single from Deafman Glance before its release. Like “Opposite Middle” before it, “Spoil With The Rest” is well worth a listen.

“Spoil With The Rest” is a lively track, even as it finds Walker looking inward and reflecting upon himself. Walker’s fingers fly over the strings of the guitar, willing it forward to great heights. To compliment that energy, there’s a recurring drumroll that breaks through when the guitars wane, imbuing new energy into “Spoil With The Rest” as it moves along. As always, the instrumental break when Walker stops singing and focuses on his playing is an incredible experience that you must listen to again and again.

You can listen to “Spoil With The Rest” for yourself below. Ryley Walker’s new album Deafman Glance is out next Friday, May 18, on label Dead Oceans. Until then, just put that instrumental break on repeat.