The scope of pop music is endlessly changing, and artists are increasingly likely to release this kind of genre-fluid, scatterbrained pop that has worked well for acts like Twenty One Pilots or The 1975. Recently, we’ve seen this approach taken by up-and-comers like Goody Grace, whose Infinite EP walked the line between bedroom pop and hip-hop, and even managed to sneak a Johnny Cash cover into the mix. It’s the kind of “do everything” mindset that comes from being a product of an internet generation, and nobody gets that quite like Friend Group.

The project cites influences ranging from Say Anything to Ariana Grande; a wide open spectrum of bombastic hooks and personal (to a point of self-destruction) kind of songwriting that is just as impactful as it is mesmerizing. “Feel A Thing!” is Friend Group’s first single to follow last year’s To Be Loved and is the perfect mission statement for the band. The track is saccharine in both vocal delivery and lyrical content, but the hook is astronomical; think the 1975 with Max Bemis as a ghostwriter and you’ve got just a taste of what you can expect from Friend Group’s stellar new single.

When asked about the track, Friend Group said: “On the surface, this song sounds like it’s about unrequited love from a girl. However it’s actually about personifying fortune, and luck, as a girl, and what my relationship with her would be. If happiness and fortune were a girl, I think she would flirt with everyone but me, and ultimately reject me at a party. I wanted to make the track sound like what would be playing in the background.”

Listen to “Feel A Thing!” below.