Avengers: Infinity War is but a scant month away. Everything that Marvel has built with their Cinematic Universe comes down to this. Everyone rightly lost their minds when the first trailer for Infinity War dropped, and by now the entire thing has been torn apart frame by frame for clues. Just in time for more speculation, the final trailer for Infinity War dropped this morning, and it’s a thrilling peek into a bit more plot detail.

We now know what Thanos ultimately wants. According to Gamora, Thanos wants to wipe out half of everything. If he finds all six Infinity Stones, it won’t even be hard for him. The rest of the trailer largely hits on the same beats as the first teaser, with heroes teaming up and Thanos laying waste to those before him. This time around, we see Doctor Strange, Thor, and Iron Man in various states of peril, plus Captain America going face to face with Thanos. There’s still time for a few moments of levity in the trailer, though. Namely, Star-Lord thinks he should be the guy in charge of the plans, and Spider-Man assumes “Doctor Strange” must be the sorcerer’s “made-up name.”

Feast your eyes on the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer above. Infinity War is set for release on April 27, giving us just enough time to concoct theories about what happens, who dies, and where exactly that Soul Stone might be hiding.