“Do what you want to me/I’ve got nowhere to be/because, I won’t let you see what you’re doing to me”

Learning how to deal with the dissolution of a relationship has to be one of the more difficult parts of the whole ordeal. The circumstances may vary from person to person, but I think the general feeling is best described when using a video game analogy. Imagine that you’ve been playing the multiplayer version of life for so long that you don’t even understand the mechanics of a single-player campaign anymore. Then, out of nowhere, the other player decides that it’s time to move on to something else — leaving you stranded with a myriad of mixed emotion. It’s best summarized in the confusion present in the above lyrics, which perfectly match the dizzy feeling of Indian Run‘s incredible new song, “I Hope You Never Call.”

The track is a bit of a departure for Shane Becker in his tenure as Indian Run. Traditionally, the project is known for arena-ready indie-pop with soaring hooks and bits of alt-rock influence sprinkled in for good measure. “I Hope You Never Call” sees Becker shedding the bombastic nature of his previous work and leaning full-bore into the alt-rock roots that run rampant through his home state of New Jersey to create a dizzied and harrowing track that howls through the emotional turmoil of romantic cessation. It’s reminiscent of acts like Brand New and Modest Mouse in that way; the track creates an atmosphere all its own that will leave you feeling nauseated, understood, and begging for more.

When asked about the track, Indian Run says: “‘I Hope You Never Call’ is like nothing I’ve done before musically or lyrically. I wanted this song to stick out in a way that catches people off guard but in the best way possible. Simply put, this song is about not listening to everything you hear. There are plenty of things that you should not let get under your skin and I wanted this song to put that into perspective the best way I could.”