London duo Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench have their hearts in the right place. They had a friend who fell into a bit of a funk and they decided to use their talents to try and do something about. The end result is “African James Bond,” a grooving indie rock/hip-hop-style jam that brings to mind Gorillaz, Glass Animals, and the like.

“It’s a song about a friend of ours [who] suffered with depression,” they say via press release. “We have worked with him on a previous project and he is a very talented musician, but for various reasons he lost his way… ‘You’ve lost your song, and I’ve lost a friend,’ says the chorus.”

With smooth vocals and an absolutely stellar, vintage-feeling instrumental, “African James Bond” isn’t exactly bright and lively, but it should certainly get someone up and out of a slump at least momentarily so that they can bop a little with friends and feel moved. You can stream the track below. Let us know what you think.