Although the literal translation of their band name in Latin means “without care,” Texas-based, alt-rockers Sine Cura truly appreciate those who have supported their musical career since the beginning. What originally started in 2015 as a solo project in vocalist/guitarist Ryan Bluhm’s bedroom, releasing demos here and there, has quickly evolved into a full band. Adding Julio Cantu on drums, Kris Gallardo on bass, and Orlando Salinas on guitar, Sine Cura have spent the better part of the last year focusing on touring. “It’s really cool to see our music reach places and people we never really expected it to reach,” Bluhm shares. From playing house shows to bars across the United States and parts of Canada, the DIY band have expanded their fan base every step of the way.
Sine Cura shared their music with the world as they dropped their debut EP, I Am Growing, Honestly via Standby Records this past August. The five-track EP incorporates elements of rock, pop and punk, creating a sound they once jokingly referred to as “sad pop,” but is seemingly fitting.

“We really got to let out a lot of angsty, emotional feelings that we really have no other outlet for,” Cantu shares about the record. “Writing and recording this EP almost felt like a relief. It was a release, like a weight off of all of us. We all brought our own emotion into whatever instrument each of us plays in the band and you can really hear it all come together well,” he adds.

While all of the tracks on the EP were fun to record for the band, as each member fed off the others’ high energy, Gallardo reveals which was his favorite to work on. “My absolute favorite song to record was ‘Growing Pains.’ In that track, the guitars have a lot of sweet, melodic and soothing riffs, and it captures our emo influence with a slight dance-y/pop mix into it.” He continues, “When recording my bass lines, I felt a lot of high energy from Julio’s drumming and Ryan’s catchy vocal lines when the verse and chorus hit.” However, the song he thinks most fans have enjoyed is “La Luna,” the last track off I Am Growing, Honestly, which displays the band’s sad side. “It really showcases the heartbreak and heaviness from us. The chorus line is very heartfelt, and I hope most fans will sing with us live.”

With plans for a full-length album down the line, the DIY band is only getting started. “We have a couple small runs and tours booked for the next six months and some still in the works. Now that we have a proper record out, we’re going to be hitting the road harder than ever. It’s gonna be fun.”
Make note now: Sine Cura is a band you don’t want to miss out on!

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