Every few years, a new round of critics and fans alike will proclaim that rock and roll is dead. They’ll say the genre has changed, the good bands have broken up, or the new ones don’t sound the same. But with anyone paying attention to rock music in 2017 can tell you that it’s alive and well (just ask bands like Greta Van Fleet), and Thunderpussy are here to prove any doubters wrong as they tear down overused cliches and make their own rules while staying true to what rock is all about. Recently signed to Stardog Records / Republic Records, the Seattle-based group consists of Molly Sides on vocals, Whitney Petty on guitar, Leah Julius on bass, and Ruby Dunphy on drums. Sure to be a band to watch in 2018, Thunderpussy are ending 2017 strong with their brand new music video for “Speed Queen.”

Taking place at and around the “Badlands Bar” in Sedona, Arizona, “Speed Queen” tells the tale of a love story amidst an all-out bar fight. It’s rock and roll in sound as well as fashion, as there’s plenty of leather, glitter, and bright red lipstick to go around. Things may seem low-key at first but the intensity soon picks up with a guitar solo and an epic motorcycle ride under the blazing desert sun.

Sides- who stars as the “Speed Queen” herself- says of the video, “Making a music video is like adding the missing ingredient to a sonic recipe. ‘Speed Queen’ is a high octane rebellious story of desire; an aural vision and a labor of love. The energy behind the scenes was intoxicating and we hope that everyone who watches feels and tastes the wild concoction that is ‘Speed Queen.’ And may even want to join the journey of these rebels.”

Thunderpussy are expected to release more new music soon, though details have not been announced. Be sure to follow Substream on Twitter for updates on all things Thunderpussy so you don’t miss a headline.