The part of my brain that is apparently forever bound to the American educational system can’t help but associate “honors” with the cream of the crop. To be a part of an “honors” anything meant that you stood above the rest of your peers and were able to push yourself to accomplish or achieve something more, and that sentiment still holds true when talking about the Toronto based alternative pop-band of the same name. Honors have perfected the art of pop– effortlessly creating hits that feel ready to take down the arenas they were made for.

Today, we’re bringing y’all a new single from the band; one that feels ready to take on their peers in a battle-royale style fight to the finish. The song is called “Forever” and goes right for the jugular with these bombastic synths, ludicrously melodic vocals, and harmonies so tight that they almost feel manufactured. The track’s hook is an insanely catchy refrain of “is this what forever feels like?” that works its way into your head, leaving you singing along without thinking about it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll walk around with this perfectly minimal chorus rattling in your brain and fumbling out of your mouth for days on end–and without complaint.

You can stream “Forever” below.

We’ve also got a live music video for the track, which you can find below. The live video gives a unique presence to the track, as it manages to capture the essence of what Honors is bringing to the table. The video was shot in an empty church–the warm, dim lighting works with the imagery this band works so hard to elicit and is the perfect contrast for this style of crashing synth pop. It’s an experience that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Forever is available on all streaming platforms now.