Sun Parade bring infectious and playful melodies to the table in a way that few bands are in 2017. Their musicality and songwriting are bound to draw comparisons to legendary acts like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and breathe those influences into a brand of indie-pop that still feels fresh and exciting. They’re releasing a new record called Shuggy Mtn Breakdown this Friday, and it sees Sun Parade constantly shuffling through musical styles to ensure that the ride never starts to feel stale.

This is apparent almost immediately, as the first half throws of the record wastes no time throwing us from the bubble-gum indie-pop of “Cheer Up” to the swampy and gritty “Steal My Thunder.” The two couldn’t feel more opposite; tonally and musically the two seemingly exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sun Parade’s willingness to embrace this, however, gives them a sense of cohesion.

You could say that Sun Parade like to play both sides of the same coin. Throughout the record, they soar soar through the highs of pop music while still exploring the rolling lows of rock and roll. Their willingness to experiment and explore the sounds of decades past makes this record feel like the fever-dream of any baby-boomer, sans economic destruction, anyway.

Today, I’m excited to share with you all the incredible ride that is Shuggy Mtn Breakdown. You can stream the album in full below.

Shuggy Mtn Breakdown is out October 13th on Lit 33. Pre-orders are available here.