Kid Freud are the rock and roll revivalists indie-rock didn’t know it needed. In a modern climate, they may look a little outlandish — opting for a style that evokes imagery of a more pure time in the history of rock music. The Nashville (at least aesthetically) could have been ripped right from the 1960’s, but they sound like the early aughts; pulling influence from acts like The Kooks and Vampire Weekend.

They take the backbone of that decade, a steadfast and stubborn rock-n-roll revival attitude and embellish it with just a little bit of brattiness to create a sound that is distinctly their own. That sound is at the forefront of everything they do, including the music video for “Shut Up & Kiss Me” that we’re debuting today.

Instead of opting for the kind of video that’s centered around a story, Kid Freud opted for a minimalist black and white performance video. This choice served them well, as the stripped back visuals capture the energy the band brings to each of their performances flawlessly — it’s blissful and chaotic, taking raw energy and turning it into something beautiful. The music video for “Shut Up & Kiss Me” can be seen above.

Shut Up & Kiss Me/Unkind is available now via Kid Freud’s Bandcamp.