Boston, MA’s Heavy Sleeper create a thick and atmospheric brand of rock music that they’ve appropriately dubbed space punk. They’re gearing up to release their debut EP, a staunch and impressive handful of songs called Alive and Well that is sure to breathe an exciting life into their musical career. Pulling influence from bands like Balance & Composure and Citizen, Heavy Sleeper was able to create a handful of songs that will slowly creep up your spine, leaving you with a warm sense of invitation that is bound to strap you in for the long haul.

The songs on Alive and Well roll in like a heavy fog; thick and impenetrable. Each track surrounds you and makes it impossible to see or hear anything else, only allowing you to wander further into the atmosphere that Heavy Sleeper has created. Songs like “Empty Handed” and “Night Swim” best embody this idea; each dense and elaborate in their own right. They exist at opposite ends of the record and are responsible for creating that feeling of longing and unease that permeates throughout the whole of the record.

“Empty Handed” starts things off with a chilling riff that is bound to send shivers down your spine as it leads you into the first lyric on the record; a drawn-out and haunting delivery of “Won’t you shed some light/on my darker side” that kicks Alive and Well off in the right vein. “Night Swim” starts off strong and ends the record in a like the dizzy final throws of a codeine trip; you’re left feeling spun and unsure of everything except the fact that you’re ready for round two of this ride.

When asked about Alive and Well, Heavy Sleeper provided this brief statement “Here’s 4 songs. If you like what you hear, listen again cause they’re all we’ve got. Hope to see you at a show.” You can stream the EP in full below.

Alive & Well is out today on Redscare Media. Pick up your copy of the album here.