“I don’t ride waves, I don’t switch no sound / I don’t hang ten, I’m ten toes down

There is no stopping Jack Harlow. This is his world and the rest of us exist in it solely to be entertained by every thought the nineteen-year-old Louisville native thinks to share. This has been true since Harlow was 13 and offered a deal by Def Jam, but it has been increasingly true with each passing year since he decided to turn that deal down. The man he has become in that time probably wouldn’t recognize the boy who dreamed of taking over rap, but with tracks like “Dark Knight” you know Harlow is making his younger self proud.

You might have missed “Dark Knight” when it found its way online earlier this week. The song was released on the same Friday as new records from some of music’s biggest names, but hard as it may be for some to believe the track Harlow dropped is among the best material we’ve heard all year. “Dark Knight” features production that will no doubt rattle the back of older model Cadillacs, but Harlow rides the beat in such a way as to make it accessible for more general hip-hop consumers. His slick-tongued wordplay touches on everything from comparisons to haters, as well as his plans for world domination and how he will never leave those who helped him become established behind. Some of those same people appear alongside Harlow in the song’s video, which you can view at the top of this post.

If you listen closely to the first verse you might catch Harlow referencing plans for a new record. As far as we know Harlow has not revealed any official news regarding a new album or mixtape, but we certainly are not against such an idea. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates as the rise of Jack Harlow continues to develop.