You can never have too many duets. Two people telling a story together can make the emotions even stronger, plus you get to listen to two talented people sing and perform at the same time. Gun Outfit are preparing to release their fifth album, Out Of Range, so vocalists Dylan Sharp and Carrie Keith have had plenty of time to work on their duets. With the help of band members Adam Payne, Daniel Swire, and Henry Barnes, they’ve got it perfected on new track “Landscape Painter.”

With two voice and two guitars, Sharp and Keith create a wonderfully rich and textured track. The lyrics involving the Earth and what they see of it match with the vivid “landscape” they create with their music. It’s a song that will spread warmth through your whole soul.

The music video for “Landscape Painting” was filmed by Sharp, as well. With the grainy quality and discoloration, it looks like very old documentary or home video footage. That’s not a bad thing at all, as it grounds the whole experience in nature and the passage of time.

Gun Outfit’s album Out of Range will be released on November 10 through Paradise of Bachelors. That gives you a month to get familiar.