Can one night really change your life? If so, should it? Is it better to get caught up in the passion of a single night and enjoy it fully or to recognize its greatness and strive to preserve it for posterity? Should you let that person who has stolen your heart walk out the door, or do you chase after them with everything you have?

These are the kinds of questions that plague many people as they attempt to navigate the worlds of adulthood and dating. We get so caught up in the nonsense of the world that we can sometimes miss the magic unfolding right in front of us. And even if we do notice it, sometimes we don’t know how to react. This is the kind of moment captured on Best Behavior‘s new song “Catherine No Chaser”. Inspired by a late night spent singing, dancing, and drinking with a complete stranger who left a sizable impression, the song captures the beauty of those rare moments in life with the clutter in your mind clear just long enough to make you feel alive once more. You can enjoy the world premiere of “Catherine No Chaser” below:

When asked about their latest release, Best Behavior member Alex Gruenburg told us:

“I’m not sure if it’s true that New York City never sleeps but it definitely stays up late. We like to go to this bar that lets us stay after hours and I had just met this girl who could drink me under the table. Beyoncé’s last record comes on and we turn the bar into a 6am dance party. I never saw that girl again but it was one of those incredible snapshots of living in Brooklyn that I’ll never forget.”

What I love about this song and the inspiration behind it is that Gruenburg remains grounded throughout his recounting of this experience. He recognizes that this one night – one perhaps magical night – he encountered another human that made him feel alive in a way he had not felt in quite some time. Maybe it could have been more than that, but than again maybe they would have never gotten along on any other night under any other set of circumstances. Best Behavior recognizes that pondering such possibilities often does more harm than good, so instead they choose to be grateful for having had the experience at all, which is something we should all apply in our own lives.

Best Behavior have a new album on the way soon. For now, you can find all their currently available material on Bandcamp, as well as numerous other streaming platforms. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Catherine No Chaser”.