“How are you mounties now? Or should I say, meow-ties?”

Never underestimate the power of a cult following hungry for more content. When people get so enamored with a piece of art that they start quoting and referencing it as a kind of litmus test for new friends there is no telling how far that audience will go to have more of the thing they love. Just ask the fans of Super Troopers, who just last year donated $4.6 million dollars to the Broken Lizard team so Super Troopers 2 could become a reality.

Last month, filming for Super Troopers 2 wrapped with the announcement the film would be released next April. Today Consequence Of Sound helped bring the first teaser for the new film to the internet. You can view the footage above.

From what we’re shown it appears the entire Super Troopers gang has returned, including the supporting characters who helped make the first film so wonderful (looking at you, Jim Gaffigan). What remains unclear is the plot of this film. All we know is the gang is back together, but we’re unsure what kind of case they’ll be tasked with solving this time around. And are they really mounties at one point? That last bit seems like one of their many elaborate pranks, but we’ll have to wait roughly eight months to find out the truth.

Super Troopers 2 will be entertaining stoners everywhere when it arrives in theaters on their international holiday, April 20. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the first teaser.