The notorious UK pop-punkers in Neck Deep have released the lead single off their highly anticipated junior album The Peace and the Panic. The song is titled “In Bloom” and it’s likely to surprise even the most diehard follower of the band.

To help promote the release Neck Deep has also shared the official music video for the song, which finds the band performing against millennial pink and blue backdrops with pastel flowers and props. It is as if every photo your Urban Outfitters obsessed friends like on Instagram were blended together and used to create a video manufactured for the broadest ‘youth’ appeal possible.

As mentioned above, “In Bloom” is far from the Neck Deep sound most fans would expect. Featuring smooth chords, controlled vocals, and twinkling chorus riffs, the song steps away from the traditional pop punk arena and allows the band to begin developing a new niche entirely their own. As far as we are concerned it’s one of the strongest songs the band has put out. You can enjoy the song and experience the music video above.

The Peace and the Panic comes out August 18th.